Each matted print is signed by me, front and back. Other media - including Metal, Acrylic, and Canvas Art - bears a digital rendering of my signature. As I move into the 2017 season, all my newer prints will also bear the number of each piece's printing. Even though they are open edition prints, I feel that it's important for you to know as much as possible about the art you're buying.

Self Portrait(s)

   My pieces are also available on finer, larger format Wall Art, primarily Metal Art, but also Acrylic and Canvas. These types of media have several advantages to traditionally printed images: mattes and frames are not necessary for these mediums (unless your aesthetic bent demands it); they're flush-mounted and ready to hang; and they react incredibly to both natural and unnatural light. As you browse the galleries at left, please consider how they might best look in your home. Perhaps a traditionally matted, traditionally framed piece is best for your space. For some, it's the only way to go. However, Metal Art has become incredibly popular in the last few years. To be sure, it is an attention-getter and usually commands the room in which it hangs. Whatever your tastes, I can accommodate most media requests.

   A Letter of Authenticity is included with all my art. The Letter bears my signature and includes basic information about the media it's printed on, camera settings, location, etc.

   I print my images on Ilford Gallerie Fine Art (Smooth Pearl, 310 Gamon) Paper. I prefer Ilford to the majority of other brands because of its obvious overall quality. Ilford stock tends to withstand heat, humidity, direct sunlight, and sudden temperature changes with little or no ill effects. And its ability to hold ink to the page is top quality.

"The quality of the material is as important as the quality of the art."


 11x14 very white matte, 4-ply thickness.

11x14 very white matte, 4-ply thickness.

   In most cases, I'll leave about an inch or more around the edges of an image to allow for matting or rematting. All my mattes are professionally cut and sized by Redimat. I use only one type of matte, the "very white single matte," 4 Ply Thickness (.050-.060). All mattes are cut at a 45 degree bevel. They are a very sturdy matte with a buffered acid-free surface, core, and backing paper and are absolutely beautiful. These elegant, timeless mattes work with any color-scheme and home decor.

   My primary printer is the Canon Pro-1000. It's a beast of a printer, and it renders colors on the page beautifully and evenly. Reviews are nearly unanimous that the Pro-1000 is among best in class.

   It's my belief that the combination of the materials above - high quality paper printed with industry-leading ink and durable matting - makes for a beautiful and long-lasting presentation of my art.

5 ft x 4 ft Metal Wall Art, Flush Mounted

   The quality of the materials is as important as the quality of the art, in my opinion, especially if you're considering spending your hard-earned money on one or more of my pieces. Please know that I do absolutely everything I can to ensure you're getting an incredible, one-of-a-kind piece of art to hang on your home or office wall. From the moment I take the lens cap off the camera to the moment I mail you your art, I've made over a hundred decisions (conservatively) to ensure quality in each stage of a photograph's life - from what, where, and how to shoot, to editing choices, to packaging choices - not to mention the tiniest subconscious decisions that tend to fall between the cracks but perhaps matter most of all.

   Questions and inquiries: William Edwin Willis wewwew90@gmail.com 619.496.8231