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William Edwin Willis

As a photographer who focuses primarily on Seascapes and Ocean Art, I'm responsible for shooting and editing all the images you see on this website. I'm the co-owner of William Edwin Willis Photography, along with my wife Tara. I bring an unusual collection of skills and experiences to bear on my photographic work. After earning a B.A. in English from Missouri Southern State University, I tried and failed to get writing jobs at every major news outlet in the country, including Rolling Stone Magazine, where I had interned my junior year. Instead, I traveled around the United States until I landed in St. Louis at the Riverfront Times, a leftwing weekly, to work not as a writer but as an executive in sales and marketing. It wasn’t until I was 40 years old that I first picked up a camera, a clunky, dysfunctional Panasonic Lumix FZ35. I quickly upgraded to the Sony a7 series cameras (and Sony and Zeiss lenses) and continued shooting mostly street photography in the city and landscapes in the Illinois countryside. I also started doing paid work for Pacific Sotheby’s Realty in and around St. Louis, which planted the seed that I could do this for a living. After my wife and I moved to Imperial Beach, I decided to start working full-time as a photographer, and today I sell my work at Art Shows in the San Diego area. You can also find me at the Imperial Beach Farmers’ Market on most Fridays, where I showcase and sell my work at the Imperial Beach Pier. I also specialize in animal portrait photography. If you have any questions about ordering images, licensing, shipping, or what setting I used to get that one particular sunset picture, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you're a home or business owner who wishes to purchase multiple images, please inquire about reduced rates for bulk buys.   ~William Edwin Willis ~ 619.496.8231 ~ wewwew90@gmail.com

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Tara Willis

Tara Willis is the co-owner of William Edwin Willis Photography and is responsible for the 'business' side of the business. In addition to accounting and bookkeeping, she also conceptualizes and implements the strategic direction of William Edwin Willis Photography. Tara brings a wealth of experience to the photography and art worlds (i.e., she's way over qualified to be my business partner!). Tara is both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). After earning her degree from Southern Illinois University, she was made Assistant Vice-President at Magna Bank (now Regions Bank) in Clayton, MO. However, Tara spent the majority of her career in Corporate Accounting with AT&T in St. Louis, overseeing the capital expenditures and system data conversions of newly acquired telecoms (Ameritech, Pacific Bell, etc). Tara continues to offer her expertise in the tax and fraud arenas. In her spare time she enjoys working in her garden and pampering Jasper the Golden Retriever and Zora the Maine Coon. If you have any questions regarding orders, commissions, installs, and licensing - or any other aspect of William Edwin Willis Photography - Tara is happy to help.  Tara Willis ~ taraatthebeach@gmail.com.

Tara the CPA, CFE and Will the Photographer

Jasper the Golden Retriever

Dress Rehearsal (10-8-16), T minus 2 days

Striking a pose, Point Dume, Malibu, CA

Simon the Golden Retriever naps while Tara the wife shops

Jasper the Golden Retriever is the newest edition to our family (12 weeks-old)


Jasper the Surfing Golden Retriever

At the Blue Water Boathouse, Coronado, CA

Simon the Golden Retriever, RIP, 1.24.17, 4:29pm. Sorely missed.

Hamilton the Russian Maine Coon

Zora lounges at the front window

2.14.17, Tara relaxes in the loft

Imperial Beach sunset

Simon the Golden Retriever smiles.

Tara and Will, "Windmill City", Ocotillo, CA