Metal Art

Metal has become in the last 10 years an accepted and proven medium for Fine Art Photography. In addition to being incredibly luminescent and vibrant, metal prints are durable and long-lasting. All metal prints are pressed using the sublimation process, where the ink is heat-pressed into the coating of the metal, not just printed on the surface. They are scratch resistant and water proof, which makes them ideal for hanging in the bathroom or outdoor patio. A white gloss finish provides amazing color depth and luminosity. People who see my prints in person are awed by the incredible color vibrance of my work.

I use aluminum metal. Aluminum holds ink incredible well. One of my demo pieces is several years old and has been displayed countless times outdoors where it regularly comes into contact with sunlight and ocean (salt) air; it still looks as good as the day I printed it.

All pieces are fixed with a float hanger, unless otherwise requested. Pieces up to 12 inches will get a standard hanger. Pieces larger that 12 inches get a floating hardboard backer (with hanger) for extra support. Metal art does not need a matte or frame; in fact, it is designed to hang without either. My pieces literally look like they are floating off the wall they're hung on. Small rubber bumpers are affixed to the corners to prevent your piece from moving. All floats are 3/4 inch. Please scroll through the photos above for examples.

All my prints bear my signature and come with a certificate of authenticity. Care instructions are also provided (hint: use a damp microfiber cloth). I guarantee all my prints will arrive in perfect condition and ready to hang. We want you to enjoy your art for years to come, and we also want to make purchasing your art as pleasant an experience as possible. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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